CRANFOS expands your performance in South America

Providing a dry type electrostatic precipitator for a BIOMASS BOILER in the largest oilseed processor complex of Paraguay

Composed mainly of an Electrostatic Precipitator of three fields, stands out for its application in biomass boiler which fuel can vary between bark woodchips and soybean hulls, keeping the precipitator efficiency in both scenarios. Also designed to use existing fan by decreasing the pressure loss if compared to the pressure loss of the old dust removal system (multi-cyclones).

The CRANFOS scope of supply includes the following items:

  • Basic engineering for mechanical and electrical design.
  • Structural calculation and loads and foundations plan.
  • Detail engineering for gas ducts.
  • Technical specifications for the dust conveying system, thermal insulation and electric materials;
  • Complete physical supply of all structural components, such as supporting structure, ESP casing, inlet and outlet funnels, hot roof, stairs and platforms, ducts supporting, etc;
  • Erection supervision engineering, including mounting devices project, pre-erection project, erection inspection, etc.
  • Complete physical supply of all internal components such as:
    • the Discharge System composed of frames of electrodes, discharge electrodes, rapping system, insulators shafts, insulators supports etc;
    • the Collection System consisting of collecting plates, upper and lower brackets, rapping systems, etc;
  • Complete supply of high voltage system including three transformers rectifiers with its cubicle control.
  • Commissioning and Start Up: January 2017.

São Paulo, 2017 September 14th.